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Dr. K Shield Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Sterilizer and Disinfectant (Set of 2)



EasyStickTM-Dr.K Shield is a unique non-motorize compact air sanitizer that utilizes Chlorine Dioxide Gas (ClO2) molecules to attach and remove Airborne Viruses, Bacteria and Odors from your surrounding area to help create fresh clean air for healthier breathing.

  • EasyStickTM-Dr.KShield is a strong chlorine dioxide gas safe to the body, which deodorizes and disinfects spaces.
  • It breaks down the structure of odor causing agents and is a safe and environment-friendly way to create a fresh and relaxing place.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic & Non Carcinogenic(Karsingen)
  • No residue
  • No harmful to lives
  • Eco-Friendly & Pure Purified Chlorine Dioxide(CIO2)
  • Strong Efficacy
  • Eliminates 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria and odors
  • Safe to Use
  • The First CIO2 Stick brand recognized by German BAuA. Releases a consistent and safe amount of ClO2 at 0.03 ppm which is below WHO safety standards of 0.10 ppm.

Product Specification

  • Simple to activate and use
  • Can be use up to 3 weeks depending on usage
  • Providing a shield like protection against any impurities within 1-meter radius (outdoor) and 65sqft (enclosed space)
  • Place or carry anywhere needs sterilization and disinfectant and remove odors
  • Great secondary protection from viruses and bacteria

Precautions on Use

  • Do not apply excessive force when breaking the stick to activate it
  • Bend and snap once only, shake a few times
  • Do not remove plastic wrappe
  • Do not let your bare skin or eyes come into direct contact with the liquid content. Rinse them under running water or see doctor immediately, if any irritation or discomfort arises
  • Do not swallow the liquid content
  • The liquid content may discolor certain fabric surface
  • Avoid exprosure to sunlight, high temperature environment and direct strong wind,
  • Do not put the stick in the freezer
  • For toddlers or children: Adult or parental supervision is strongly recommended to avoid any forms or injuries from misuse of product.


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