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Gautier Dimix Trio bed


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Instead of knocking down walls, why not put a high bed in your child’s bedroom? It’s a great solution! By effectively making use of the overhead space almost up to the ceiling, you gain valuable usable floor space. This extremely well-designed bed is a great example of optimisation and versatility. The steps up to the bed have a dual purpose, providing storage space with each step acting as a shelf. The work space features cable ports, an alcove and two USB ports. You can also add a sliding bed to this set, along with a storage drawer or – even better – a third bed.

Manufacturer: Gautier

Origin: France

Dimix high bed $22,998

Dimensions: W. 255 cm x H. 162 cm x D. 97/112 cm
Materials: Particleboard
Weight: 150 kg

Dimix optional desktop $11,998

Dimensions: W. 208 cm x H. 56 cm x D. 95 cm
Materials: Particleboard
Weight: 63 kg

Dimix Trio 90 x 200 sliding bed $8,698

Dimensions: W. 206 cm x H. 62 cm x D. 97 cm
Materials: Particleboard
Weight: 43 kg

Dimix optional drawer $4,998

Dimensions: W. 196 cm x H. 24 cm x D. 94 cm
Materials: Particleboard.
Weight: 36 kg


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