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Oxira UV-C air neutralizer with power pack



NOCTURNE 20000mAH Mobility Pack A


  • 1 unit of Nocturne

  • 1 unit of Verbatim 20000mAH PD power pack

  • 1 Special USB Type A or C to 5.5mm jack DC power cable



✅ 使用經受認證的UVC技術殺死空氣中的病毒及細菌
✅ 德國製造的UVC光管可以24小時連續運行超過15000小時
✅ 適用於家庭、企業及公共地方
✅ 體型輕巧, 細小如同一把縮骨遮
✅ 非常安靜
✅ 能夠於車輛,飛機使用的專業級空氣淨化機
✅ 可覆蓋最多430平方尺

官方網頁: https://www.oxira.com.hk/

Suitable for: Doctors’ rooms, dental clinics, fine dining restaurants, schools, spas, private residences, classrooms, meeting rooms, smaller indoor public spaces where low noise level is an utmost priority ​

Utilises UVC to effectively kills viruses and bacteria in the air as well as removal of odours

254nm UV-C wavelength

Quieter Fan 12dBa. Designed to generate less noise and has a slightly less airflow speed.

Operating life of over 15,000 hours

360mm (L) x 46mm (W) x 41 (H)

0.6 kg​

Area coverage: 430 sq ft for general private indoor areas such as hospital wards, clinics, private offices and homes; 260 sq ft for general public indoor areas such as gyms, shops, restaurants and catering premises

Can be placed on any stable surface, or mounted on wall or ceiling. Optional accessories are: protective case, wall mount kit, ceiling brackets, table stand.


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